Changing How We Clean Cities
User research, prototyping, UI design, Flight control implementation, Robot arm programing,
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A pioneering solution to address the challenge of neglected vertical surfaces of buildings in Taiwan. By integrating laser cleaning technology into a drone and tricycle design, we aim to provide an efficient and cost-effective way to enhance the city's visual appeal and promote the well-being and productivity of its citizens. Our goal is to create a sustainable and prosperous urban environment.
Cleaning up not only the horizontal but the vertical surfaces of a city.
The surfaces of buildings and public facilities makes up quite a large sum of the appearance of a city. These surfaces, which are often overlooked in terms of cleaning and maintenance, accumulate dust and debris, leading to unsightly marks that detract from the city's visual appeal. This not only impacts the well-being of its citizens but also has a negative effect on productivity levels. Our goal is to address this challenge by providing an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solution to clean these surfaces and enhance the overall appearance and prosperity of the city.
Current cleaning processes involves immense manual labor and are all time consuming.
Key Points from the interview with the City Cleaning Expert
Current cleaning process involves using large trucks with high-pressure hoses and cleaning solutions and mechanical sweepers.
Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and keeping the city clean.
Noise and disturbance, and potential environmental impact.
Personal thoughts:
Improvements can be made by educating the public and using more eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
Pain points:
Dealing with litter and debris and difficult-to-clean areas.
Integrated cleaning system
Adopting the laser cleaning concept increases efficiency for maintaining the appearance of the city.
Product Detail
Product Detail
Prototype in action
In conclusion, while the prototype showcased at the World Trade Center in Taipei cannot demonstrate the actual cleaning process, it presents an innovative concept that has the potential to revolutionize the cleaning industry. The combination of a drone and a compact tricycle with laser cleaning technology offers greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, worker safety, and environmental friendliness compared to current cleaning methods. Gathering feedback from users and stakeholders is crucial for further development and implementation, and generating interest can attract investors or partners. Creating a buzz and raising awareness of the need for more environmentally-friendly and efficient cleaning methods is essential for the future of the industry.